Akhil takes a ‘U’ turn

Akhil takes a 'U' turn

Akhil takes a ‘U’ turn

Just when everybody were shocked to know that Akhil is in love and will get married to his childhood sweetheart from Hyderabad, the new hero in town has made an ‘U’ turn now and says that he will not marry anytime soon in the future.

This has brought a few gitters all over as the 22year old Akhil says that many of his family members and friends have advised him not to marry at such an young age. So the Akkineni scion has come to a conclusion that he will only get engaged and leave the marriage tension for the time being.

Looks like some sense has prevailed in the youngster’s mind as he is yet to settle down in his career and sign his second film. Reason behind this many say that Akhil’s parents and colleagues sat him down and revealed several repercussions of young marriage and neglecting his career.

This has made the youngster change his mind and finally made him focus on his career.