Kabali: Earth Shattering Records Galore

Kabali: Earth Shattering Records Galore

Kabali: Earth Shattering Records Galore

One can’t put the man who literally reigns over box-office down with mixed reviews and average word of mouth. Super Star Rajinikanth’s Kabali may have been released to underwhelming reviews yesterday, but the opening day collections are earth shattering to say the least.

In both the Telugu states, Kabali surpassed Shankar’s I’s opening day collections of 7.60 crores with a whopping 9 crore share, becoming the highest earning dubbed film ever.

If Telugu fans gave this much welcome,  imagine the hysteria Tamil Nadu, where the film has reportedly grossed nearly 20.5 crore, overtaking the previous all-time highest record of 15.5 crores set by Thala Ajith’s Vedalam, and the 5 crore variation speaks volumes about Kabali’s sensation in Tamil Nadu.

There’s more to Kabali storm across India, as the film has beaten Baahubali’s day one Indian record of 42 crs nett by collecting 44.5 crs, becoming the country’s highest opening day grosser in the history of Indian cinema.

And now, Kabali is also the highest grossing Indian film worldwide, as the film has grossed 73 cr S, overpowering Salman Khan’s Eid blockbuster Sultan’s 71 crs with a margin of 2 crores.

Coming to the overseas record, Kabali has also become the highest grossing Indian film across the world grossing $3.25 million and trouncing Dhoom3’s $3.15 million.

Looks like there’s not a single record left unbroken by the Kabali storm. However, trade circles are still wary of the mixed talk surrounding the film and everyone of anxious about the film’s performance from Monday.