RGV’s satires on India’s Silver Medal

RGV's satires on India's Silver Medal

RGV’s satires on India’s Silver Medal

Any topic, any person and any situation it maybe, director Ram Gopal Varma always throws satires at issues and he repeated the same in the case of Olympic medals as well.

Putting his points straight, he tweeted: “If for one silver we are jumping up and down screaming Mera Bharat Mahan. how high should be Americans jumping for 46 gold and 37 silver. A 32 crore population US wins 46 gold and a 5 crore population South Korea wins 9 gold nd a 120 crores population india wins 1 silver..Wah! (sic)”

He stated that US is Mahaan when compared to Apna Bharat Mahan because the combined value of 46 gold 38 silver 49 bronze compared to just 1 silver is that many times more. RGV asked, “If for 1 silver we call ourselves incredible india what should US call itself for 46 gold 37 silver and 49 bronze”

As he lambasting continues, fans and other twitterati gave him fitting replies for not enjoying the win but digging these usual satires.