Swathi’s Murder Impact On Movies

Swathi's Murder Impact On Movies

Swathi’s Murder Impact On Movies

The tragic and gruesome murder of the young IT professional Swathi broke the hearts of not just those in Chennai but it also moved millions across the country and there has been a widespread public uproar against the barbaric act.

Swathi’s murderer,a young engineering graduate named Ramkumar, reportedly stalked Swathi for several months and took the drastic step as a revenge after being rejected by Swathi on a few occasions earlier.

Swathi’s murder is now showing a huge impact on the film industries across the country and the actors and directors for glorification of stalking in films and showing the heroes relentlessly following heroines in the name of love.

An online petition to filmmakers and actors has been kick-started social media activists and the campaign is gaining support from all quarters.

These petitioners are requesting the filmmakers and actors to be aware that stalking is a punishable crime under the IPC section 354D and even requested to stop scripting scenes that show wooing a woman and by not glorifying stalking as romance. Well, will the filmmakers and actors pay heed?