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Director Anudeep, along with 30 artistes, makes his debut with Pitta Goda Pitta Goda is a two hour film about the life of four youth and the hero’s love interest. There is no message as such. It is not an out and out Telangana film, but has a Karimnagar dialect. The slang is very informal and warm. He quips, “It is a serious script that is dealt in comic way. There are no punch dialogues, but the laughter comes from the innocence in the characters. Every scene relates to one’s life and is full of nostalgia.” Another talented technician makes his entry into Telugu cinema with Pitta Goda. Anudeep along with his friends did a digital short film on his mobile called Missed Call. The dialogue-based comedy got noticed and he started working as a dialogue writer for comedy tracks. From there his involvement in film increased. Having done a bachelors course in computer applications, Anudeep had to stay in his native town Sangareddy for two years without work. He recalls life in Sangareddy: “I spent all my time in the ground, playing cricket and doing mundane things. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, never had any goal or thought about my career. Sometimes I’d go to a multi-media centre in Secunderabad. I then decided to chronicle all the incidents in my life as the subject of my movies. Even my next film will be very authentic. Pitta Goda is a wall in the ground; in Sangareddy, if anyone goes to any part of the city on some work, they’d come and hang out at the wall for a while and chat. I also have a photo of myself sitting on the wall. Class ki mass ki madhya lo vunde vaalam (we were between class and mass) we were not the vagabond types. The colony people too enjoyed the company of our group. If we didn’t go on any day, people would ask endhira ee roju raledhu yevaru. (why didn’t anyone come today?)” “I had a collection of scenes but not a story as such. I didn't know the grammar of writing a script. I did read a book on screenplay but never watched Hollywood films. The only thought I had was ‘audience should feel curious about what would happen in the next scene’. I later fell into the structure maintaining the interest with the audience in mind,” adds Anudeep. About the cast and crew, Anudeep says, “All the artistes, at least 30 of them are being introduced in this film. Punarnavi is the only familiar face. Ram Mohan of Uyyala Jampala is the producer.”

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Missed Call short Film Directed by Pitta Goda Director Anudeep