Saptagiri Express Movie Third Day Collections | Saptagiri Express Movie Box Office Collections

Sapthagiri Express Movie Third Day Collections
Sapthagiri Express is a romantic comedy drama film Telugu, written by Saptagiri and directed by Arun Pawar. The film Sapthagiri Express produced by Dr. K Ravi Kirane under Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations. The film Sapthagiri Express with Saptagiri and Roshini Prakash in the lead roles. The composer of music Bulganin composed a decent music for this film. Saptagiri Express Two Days Collections The movie Sapthagiri Express is a romantic comedy drama film written by leading actor Saptagiri himself. In the movie Sapthagiri Express, saptagiri actor playing a leading role with his crazy performance. In the film Sapthagiri Express, the saptagiri will be seen in a role of police comeo. After looking at the Sapthagiri Express trailer, we learned that there was good chemistry between the two lead stars.

Saptagiri Express Movie Review

Saptagiri Express has a history of routine with some interesting reversals. Director Arun Pawar remained faithful to the original story, but made some minor changes to suit the taste of Telugu moviegoers. The first half of the film is slow and it drags a lot to get to the point. But the second half is engaging and some comedy scenes keep viewers entertained, say critics and the audience. Saptagiri Express Movie Heroine Roshini Prakash latest Photos To date, the Sapthagiri Express trailer has acquired 2.5 million views and continues to count. Many films of senior stars will not get these many views either. This shows the enthusiasm and fan followed by Sapthagiri. We wish all the best to the Sapthagiri Express movie team, hope this film makes huge collections at the box office.

Saptagir Express Movie Trailer