Saptagiri Express Two Days Collections | Saptagiri Express Movie Box Office Updates

Saptagiri Express Two Days Collections
The latest download movie of Telugu Saptagiri Express gets a positive response from the public as well as critics. He was released on December 23, 2016 with almost 74% of the occupancy rate. Cinemas are packed with audience stream and this could be the game changer after demonetization. Saptagiri Express Movie Heroine Roshini Prakash latest Photos Saptagiri Express is a remake of Tamil superhit film Thirudan Police. It is a comedy genre movie and it gets a great response. Strong promotion of mouth to mouth on social networking sites. Movie trailer was very excited which encourage the public to join the cinemas.

Saptagiri Express Movie Theatrical Trailer

Critics rated the movie 3 *** out of five where as an audience rated 8 out of 10. Big weekend release Christmas will have effect on the film but never less it has entire weekend to get more collecting. The day a film collected more than 2 cr of the ticket office. Weekend to look loud for the movie. It its second day show a growth and a total of Rs. 3,20 cr.

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