Sapthagiri Express Movie Review Ratting and Public Talk

Sapthagiri Express Movie Review Ratting and Public Talk
SAPTHAGIRI EXPRESS REVIEW: Sapthagiri Express is as simple a story of revenge as possible. This is perhaps the reason behind all the slapstick comedy that takes a good chunk of performance. And very oddly even part of the high intensity apogee. For the first forty-five minutes of the film, while you will see the Sapthagiri theater occur in full vigor, you will not quite get what the point of all is. Most of the initial scenes are random and irrelevant, except for a few dialogues that are intended to establish characters. The only problem is that they stand so naturally. Sapthagiri Express Theatrical Trailer Sapthagiri explaining to his mother that he beat the son of DSP because he clicked on the lascivious photos of a girl, sounds like he was put in force to establish his goodness despite his good for nothing. The actual plot of the film only begins in the pre-interval scenes.

Sapthagiri Express Movie Review

While most of the plot unfolds in the second half, it is lost in the clutter of comic sequences that you will now be tired. A film that is only two hours and eleven minutes long, because of all the hullabaloo feels extremely long. What could be commended though is that Sapthagiri definitely delivered as an actor in the emotional scenes in some scope that the script gave him. Although it has little or no importance for the script, the scene where it recites the iconic dialogue "Emantivi Emantivi" without break (although with a defective diction) is remarkable. But before you begin to appreciate his effort, he slips back into his brand slapstick mode, which he seems to be home with.

Sapthagiri Express Movie Ratting

Sapthagiri Express Movie Ratting3/5 The film has many moments that are meant to invoke laughter, but most of them lack any kind of logic. There is an elaborate sequence where Sapthagiri cuts the hands of chain snatchers without their knowledge, courtesy of his anesthetist friend (Roshini). The writer finds a way to mention that the hand can not be attached unless the surgery happens within 2 hours but forgets that death by blood loss is even a concern. The complaint here is that if you go for the absurd comedy, then it is better to stick to it instead of trying and manipulating the logic in it. In all, Sapthagiri Express feels as if you were watching a showreel comedy sketches of the actor. This one is strictly for those who love brainless comedy and Sapthagiri.

Sapthagiri Express Movie Public Talk