This One Incident Assembly shows What JAYALALITHA is

incident that prove what Jayalalitha is .. ? And about her character. She challenged the CM after the incident drew a sari, "I Will step in the assembly after standing cm Only"

first JAYALALITHA supporters have a pet theory about her opposition to Karunanidhi and the DMK. They point to an incident that happened in the Tamil Nadu assembly on March 25, 1989, when Jayalalitha DMKMLA pulled at his coat.

At the time Jayalalitha was immediate reap political mileage and AIADMK induced coordinate with the disrobing of Draupadi. Karunanidhi was compared with Duryodhana. In fact, Jayalalitha still return to the episode in her 1991 election campaign.


Trouble erupted even Karunanidhi, who also ran a financial portfolio, was the presentation of the budget and Jayalalitha as head of the opposition has been blocking the proceedings. It was in its very loud statement that Karunanidhi resign. Grabbing AIADMK MLA K. A. Sengottiyan to "attack" SP. In the underworld that followed, Jayalalitha was attacked by DMK leaders Durai Murugan.

But Jayalalitha's antipathy towards Karunanidhi goes back to the death of Mgr. Karunanidhi and his assistant K. Anbazhagan then publicly criticized her as a political non-entities. During the assembly campaign in 1989 DMK deliberately avoided her or her party worth mentioning because Karunanidhi stand was that the AIADMK supporting Jayalalitha was unnecessary force. She has not been neglected humiliation.

08jayalalithaa2-1 in the AIADMK & DMK has always been political opponents. However, MSC had a good respect for Karunanidhi. In the event that it Jayalalitha, anger is reflected in a very personal attacks. Karunanidhi DMK & the beginning of his hate list. TMC chief G.K.Moopanar not far off slow. Although the Tamil Nadu Governor, late M Chenno Reddy Jayalalitha too was a victim of anger.


She is convinced that her Moopanar avoid becoming CM, after the death of Mgr control to Rajiv Gandhi to get her back. TMC chief has also always respected her film actress, rather than a serious politician, something bothering her no end. She explored the revenge that fired him as director TNCC.

male or female, Jayalalitha saves anyone whom she considers her enemies. So, she publicly claimed Janaki Ramachandran, wife of MGR, serve her husband poisoned buttermilk and killing him.

eventually won the election, and then only did she enter into the assembly as CM after this campaign saree incident