Today ugly Incident Occurred in the Indian Railway Station

Watch the video - Today ugly incident happened in Indian railway station, the episode occurred around 3.30 hours on Sunday, when Ganesh was Kumkumawati Jogeshwari railway yard with two of his companions. Railway authorities and the workers saw the trio clicking on the photo of themselves on the track, and demands that it stops, but young men still meandering around campus.

Kumkumawati allegedly taking a photo of himself in space standstill when, incidentally touched an overhead wire, which had 25,000 volts of current coursing through it. His companions reportedly did seek her accidentally and some different young men educated T B Sharma, station manager on-duty.

"I saw that young men shooting on rails, but when we try to prevent such gathering since entering the courtyard, they contend and battle with us on the difference from leaving. Consequently, I did not carefully consider them and went to my office, "said Sharma. Nevertheless, several children came towards the continuation Sharma office 30 minutes or so and educated him that the child met with an accident.

"These children said they were playing cricket neighbor saw the occurrence. They said they did not know who the young man," said Sharma, including those raised RPF faculty the duties of the episode. RPF official rushed to the spot and called advantage of the crisis management medicine rescue vehicle (108) and the police headquarters Vanrai whose territory falls Locale.