Vangaveeti Movie Two Days Collections | Vangaveeti Movie Box Office Updates

Vangaveeti Movie Two Days Collections
With the arrival of the Telugu dialect Vangaveeti the Ram Gopal Varma enchantment has at the end of the day flashed its time to remember. A political dramatism, which is the strength of the leader, has again given him the position he lost, tragically. The film depends on the impact and strategic maneuver that took the front column in the middle of the war of rank and political turmoil in Vijayawada in the mid 80's. Open with mixed response, experts offered a fire green. Vangaveeti's box office collection began with an average salary that guarantees to grow in the coming days. Vangaveeti Movie Review

Vangaveeti Movie Box Office Updates

Published in 1400 screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the film began its box office trips with 91% of housing overall. Despite the fact that today the housing rate has increased to 95% due to the end of the week and that the activity has been widely increased. Vangaveeti's second boxing day collection is about 2.1 crore what cinema masters hope to increase on Sunday.

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Vangaveeti Movie Two Days Collections

Vangaveeti is an intense film that incorporates a large measure of political turns, and the delicate journey of Ram Gopal Varma gave him an extremely cleared and exquisite hope to make it crushing. With characters on the screen like Sandeep Kumar and Vamsi Nakkanti the film is a jewel. However, it is extremely deplorable that it neglects to attract crowd reaction. The reason is clear, and that is the state of mind of Christmas. Collecting people who on the whole visit theaters with their family and companions are more intrigued by cheerful and intelligent movies or something that is laden with diversion remains and Vangaveeti is somehow without this. It's a real movie, not coordinating the mood of the season. So the film analyzers are a bit stressed on the film issue, but as we know a box office is simply extremely temperamental as the climate, and it can change at any time. So, we can just sit for the best days for the movie! Vangaveeti Movie First Day Collections

Vangaveeti Movie First Day Collections